Giovanni Piras

Online Marketing Manager|Audio Visual Media Designer|Digital Multimedia Producer

Video production

Creativity, sharp content and digital marketing expertise to engage your audience with storytelling.

Video marketing

Online Marketing

Ramp up your online marketing with content strategy
to attract more people to your website, increase customers and enhance branding of your company.


Photo and Creative Imaging

Big ideas using a combination of visuals elements.

Visual communication
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Giovanni Piras Media designer

Your Digital Media Expert for Online Advertising

About me

Introducing myself, I’m Giovanni Piras, audio visual media designer and online marketing manager graduated in Germany. A thoughtful and emphatic observer with the dedicated desire of discovering and the will to touch.
My work is the union of images and sounds, which I often look with simplicity and with eyes of a child, with a mind open to all that is new, always curious to know and learn. Creativity is the natural extension of the enthusiasm within my work, technology is the instrument to achieve it.
Born analogue, digital by evolution, my professional background has grown along the birth and development of new media.

What I do

I keep on evolving, optimizing and adapting instruments and technology for a participative, interactive and crossmedia communication.
I follow the entire production chain, from the concept and strategy study until the achievement, distribution of contents on several media.
A passion that has become a profession, taking me today to know and master technologies related to graphics, photo, video and audio editing.
A media designer for web 2.0 specialized in production of multimedia and actionable contents in both the traditional communication scope and the new media.
Born in Italy, German by adoption, but rather citizen of the world: I can be wherever you may need me. I am very able to work in teams, as I am also able to work autonomously.

My portfolio of mixed media

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